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    Blog — pursue greatness

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    “Good Enough” Isn’t

    “The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.” – Vince Lombardi

    How committed are you to pursuing greatness?

    Most of us if given the chance, want to do just enough to “get by.” We estimate – incorrectly most times – that if we give just enough in this area, we’ll get by and can keep going. Our work is “ok” but far from anything to brag about. But, it gets us through another week, another paycheck, and onto another project.

    How many of us are guilty of completing a paper in high school that we spent hardly any time on but knew we could just squeak by passing with?

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    Build a Legendary Legacy

    “Once you realize that being good or great is not good enough—because legendary is attainable—you’ve got to make it important.” 

    A shift in perspective can change everything in life. Too often we accept certain outcomes without even testing them. Certain goals are too lofty, “impossible” even, and some dreams were never meant to be achieved. We buy into what everyone in society – or even the voices in the back of our head – tell us. We allow our lives to be boxed in by what’s possible and what’s not. At least, what we believe is not possible for us.

    But that’s not true at all. Not even close. We each have an extraordinary potential to be world changers. We each have the ability to leave a positive, lasting legacy on those closest to us. We do this by believing there are no limits – and allowing our language and actions to follow that mindset. We begin to realize our only “limits” are the ones we place on ourselves and that they can be overcome with the correct perspective. We begin to pursue, dare I say compete for, greatness every single day.

    Once you realize the truth about yourself – that obstacles are not insurmountable – you begin to act accordingly. You live differently when you no longer feel a certain outcome is not “impossible,” but instead quite attainable. When “average” is no longer acceptable, you begin to pursue greatness. Like Neo in the classic Matrix series, it’s as if your eyes are opened to a new world. You live with a fire that others wish they had.

    And people on fire are the people that change the world.

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