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How to Overcome Your Halftime Score

How many times have you turned off a game or event at halftime - only to find out later that your team rallied and ended up winning the game? It...

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Why I Compete: Akeem Leviston

Your preparation, effort and attitude are all that you can control, end results aren’t up to you. To me, maximizing the way you prepare, your effort and attitude is what...

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You’re Never Out of It

Bad breaks occur. Relationships fail. Injuries occur. Defeat in competition happens. Sometimes when everything appears to go your way, suddenly things fall apart. But this doesn’t mean you should give...

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The Stars Mean Nothing

It’s not about the stars beside your name as a HS recruit.. It’s about the work you’re willing to put in to be great — Bucky Brooks (@BuckyBrooks) February...

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Ignore the Recruiting Stars

There’s some kid out there that’s watching all these kids sign to “big time” colleges. He’ll sign to a D3, and be in the HOF one day. — Arian Foster...

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