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    Six People Just Like You

    Too often we fall into the trap of “my situation is unique.” We believe the lie that we are the only ones facing these odds, feeling rejection this consistently, and that no one else can know what it’s like to lose like I do. Wrong.

    Don’t believe the lie. Some of the world’s most successful people have encountered what seemed like insurmountable odds, only to continue pressing forward until they reached victory. And did they ever reach success. Take these six people for example.

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    Karen Pierce: Heart of a Champion

    Each month, Compete Every Day will interview inspirational athletes, entrepreneurs, leaders, & competitors. Each of these individuals will vary in their backgrounds & professions but share the same traits of competing for their life. This week’s interview features former CrossFit Games competitor Karen Pierce, of CrossFit Jaakahru &

    Last year, Karen was diagnosed with cervical cancer & life was thrown into a whirlwind. Karen blogged about her experience with cancer, CrossFit training, and her focus on rebuilding her body in 2015.

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    Living to Serve

    “There are a lot of things in life that matter.  But nothing matters as much as who or what you decide to serve” – Marcus Lutrell. 

    Often when I search for content to write about, I look for stories in the headlines or sports figures and celebrities who are doing something that display the Compete Every Day spirit; motivation for us every day people. But then I started thinking, what about us every day people!? People all over the world are doing great things, serving in ways that most of us don’t know about – they’re worth a story even if they aren’t today’s headlines.

    My friend Jess Holland, is one of these every day people; making a difference. When she isn’t posting about nuggets, her dog, or workouts, you can find her posting about honoring our heroes of the armed forces; the men and women who put their life and service on the line every day. In all seriousness, she shows a true passion and heart for all that is military and service for our country.  In fact, in a little over a month from now she will be riding 24 hours on a spin bike to raise money for the Douglas J Green Memorial Foundation‘s September 11th Care Package Drive (@DJGMF_LV).

    The Las Vegas-based nonprofit is an all-volunteer organization that provides care packages to service members during deployment. Suni Chabrow started the foundation after her son, SPC Douglas J. Green, lost his life in action in his second tour of duty in Afghanistan in 2011. Douglas used to love the small care packages of junk food his mother would send abroad. To keep the tradition alive and continue to honor her son and his sacrifice, Suni began sending care packages of food to the soldiers deployed in Afghanistan and across the globe. This year they have a goal of 2,000 care packages; each one costs $14-15 just to ship! That doesn’t even include the munchies inside! So they will be hopping on spin bikes for 24 hours to raise money. People can “rent” a bike for $40/hour or $1000 for all 24 hours in the hopes of meeting and exceeding their goal.

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    Circumstances Can’t Define Me

    “Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.” – Nido Qubein

    How often is the excuse, “If I was only born with ‘x'” or “If I came from ‘x’ like this person“, used in the place of action toward success? Too many of us, myself included, have found ourselves wishing we had different circumstances instead of using that energy to change our current circumstances. We let the present circumstance define us rather than defining ourselves by what we do in that circumstance.

    Thank God for inspirations like Ben Jackson.

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    James Ortiz: Overcome All

    Guest blog by Melisa Rehm

    In honor of the Sochi Paraolympics starting tomorrow; I wanted to share a little bit about a former teammate of mine who has been such an inspiration to me over the years.  His ability and drive to Overcome All and continue to compete for what matters most in his life is something I hope you can all draw a bit of motivation from as well. Meet James Ortiz.

    @jamesrortiz: Colby Track & Field Head Coach | Fastest one-legged miler in the WORLD |#TXST 1500m record holder 3:48.35 | 40% of the time, I win all the time.

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