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    Blog — limits

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    Push Past Your Limits

    Push Past Your Limits

    CrossFit Games Open workout 16.4 in the books. Gross.

    13 minutes, as many rounds as possible of:

    • 55 deadlifts (225lbs)
    • 55 wallballs
    • 55 calorie row
    • 55 handstand pushups

    I hate deadlifts (and they hate me) and rowing, but the whole point is a good reminder to me that if you only do the things you like on the days you feel good, you won’t ever accomplish anything of value in life.

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    Bryan McCalister

    “I #Compete to prove to myself that even when I think I’m finished, I always have more to give. I’ve never accomplished anything rewarding by being comfortable with mediocrity, so I compete to push myself to new limits every day. I compete to become a better version of myself EVERY DAY.” – Bryan McCalister, #WhyICompete

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