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    How to Write a Better Life Story in 2018

    How to Write a Better Life Story in 2018

    In 2014, I attended the Storyline Conference hosted by best-selling author Donald Miller. The three-day event was billed as a workshop to “help you plan a meaningful life.” Miller's book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years quite literally changed my life. It was during the reading of that book that I was finally pushed over the edge to set a course and run full speed ahead with Compete Every Day.

    The three-day conference's curriculum helps you evaluate your story (aka, your life), how it is being told, what the true theme is, and how to redeem any negative turns in the story for a higher purpose. In other words, what is your life telling others about who you are, what you stand for, and what you truly believe.

    And if it's not in line with what you want it to tell others, how do you correct the path you're on?

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    Monday Motivation: Share Your Story

    “A story not shared does not serve.” – Chris Smith

    Why didn’t you give up?

    We all face obstacles. Some small that trip us up like the sidewalk that “jumped out of nowhere.” Others are like Goliaths, towering over us and leaving us paralyzed with fear, or worse, running the other direction. But I suck at sharing my battles.

    Like many of you, I tend to play it close to the vest. I internalize my struggles and rarely, if ever, share the obstacles I’m currently battling. I don’t want to post it on Facebook. I don’t want to vent to someone. I just want to deal with it, quietly and alone. The problem with that thinking is that my obstacle starts to grow within my head. The “pebble” becomes a giant and my situation moves toward one where victory seems impossible. I haven’t shared my battle with anyone so it feels like I am the only one going through this.

    I feel often times that I am the only one facing this particular battle. And that’s one helluva lonely feeling.

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    Don’t Fall for The Movie Trailers

    I love movies.

    I love actually going to the movies. The fresh popcorn, the brand-new trailers, and the fact that I can just escape for two hours.

    But you know the one thing about movie trailers that gets me – the actual trailer. It always gets me to the movie. And think about it, how many bad movie trailers have you seen? Probably none. Maybe one in your lifetime?

    For the most part, the movie trailers are great. And then you go to the movie, and the movie sucks. It sucks so much that you wonder why you ever came to see it. This is because we believe the movie trailer was as good as the actual movie.

    Now, how does that relate to you today? Just look at your social media feed. Take note of yourself while scrolling other people’s pages, other people’s pictures. Have you ever felt a slight bit of jealousy? Have ever felt disappointment because you learned about something regarding a friend on Facebook instead of from your friend?

    There’s all types of emotions that our social media feeds generate in us. And a lot of them are disappointment, envy, and comparison. Really, all of our social feeds are, are movie trailers.

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