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    Blog — challenges

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    Prep, Leap, Land, Repeat

    Currently I feel anxious, excited, terrified, curious, emotional, humbled, and a little bit hungry. Why? Because I haven’t eaten much this morning and I don’t know what’s about to happen next. I’ve been working towards this day for over two years and I have no idea how it’s going to play out. I’ve fantasized over the possibility of great success. I’ve been terrified of the idea of success. I’ve winced at the idea of failure. And I’ve attempted to prepare myself for any possibility in between.

    The unknown is ever-present and stressful. We dive into projects, jobs, relationships, and other commitments without knowing what will come of them. We take tiny leaps everyday and occasionally we take really, really big leaps. We leap for progress. We leap for passion. We leap for that tiny kick (or big kick) of endorphins that hit us as the adrenaline rushes in mid-jump.

    There are two modes of living that we choose between every day. Attempting-to-move-forward mode and complacency mode. One is scary and the other is flat out dangerous. Complacency is dangerous. Complacency is a lack of fire, a lack of purpose. It’s like wading in a vast ocean for only one reason— to keep your head above water. Without passion, purpose, and progress (plug Compete Every Day shirt design), life is much harder.

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    It’s Just One Hour

    It’s just one hour.

    Day in and day out we enter our Box to push ourselves after the words “3…2…1…go!”

    We break limits that we thought our bodies could not handle or overcome.

    Sometimes we push ourselves for 3 minutes. Other times upwards of an hour. It’s excruciating painful at times. Full effort, 110% – it’s the only way we know how to go. Give it everything we have for a limited amount of time.

    And then it’s over. We shower and walk out of the Box to face the day and whatever life throws at us.

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