by Jake Thompson

Find a Way to Do Something

You can't become better at something until you begin working on it.
Find a Way to Do Something

You don't need the ability to do everything when you start.

You don't need to be at the same level as so-in-so when you try to start.

You just need to start doing something in order to get better at it.

Listen, I know it can be scary to start something new.

  • Writing a blog
  • Starting a business
  • Switching careers

Everything is scary at the beginning. Most of us have this idea of someone who's at the top of their field in the area we want to be in. We admire them. Part of us wants to do it because they make it look fun.

And then we think about actually starting and we freeze because where they are is light-years away from where we are.

We don't end up doing anything and justify the excuse to ourselves because we can't do everything at the same level "that they can."

Which is crap.

They didn't start at that level - they worked their way to there by doing work every day and getting better.

Just because you can't do something at the level someone else does right now doesn't mean you won't be able to one day.

You have a chance to get there if you start building your skills every day, starting with today.

You have the opportunity to become good at something you want to be good at.

But you won't if you don't start working today to get better.

Don't let the idea of not being able to do something at the same level as someone else who's been doing it much longer prevent you from putting in time today to get better.

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