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    Blog — perseverance

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    The Biggest Factor to Success

    The Biggest Factor to Success

    No one has the time to wait anymore.

    We want everything instantly. And when it takes longer than expected?

    We quit. Well, “most” people do. They lose their stomach for the long game. It’s why most people never drop those 15 extra pounds or reach their goals. It’s not a microwavable instant hit.

    But this? This is what will make you successful.

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    How to Overcome Your Halftime Score

    How to Overcome Your Halftime Score

    How many times have you turned off a game or event at halftime - only to find out later that your team rallied and ended up winning the game?

    It happens.

    Each year there are games that *seem* decided at halftime, only to have a completely different second half. Most recently, the 2017 Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots, who trailed the Atlanta Falcons 28-3 in the NFL's championship game, only to rally and pull off a historic 34-28 victory to hoist the Lombardi Trophy as the game's best.

    Contrary to what many fans believe, the game isn't over at halftime when the teams head into the locker room. Many times, it's just beginning.

    The same change at halftime can happen in life too. Here's how to make sure you write a strong second half no matter how the first half has gone. 

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    Be a Success Overnight(s)

    We live in a “quick fix” society that craves immediate gratification & everything on “our time.” DVRs allow us to skip commercials and watch any show at the touch of our fingers. Marketing leader Gary Vaynerchuk once wrote on Medium how we’ve gotten to the point of being annoyed when we receive phone calls if it’s not on “our time.” That’s why text messaging is so good — you can answer when you want to. And success? We want that shit right now.

    Every entrepreneur wants to build a million-dollar business in one day. Every athlete wants to win their sport’s championship their first year. And every single one of us wants to achieve each of goals with the greatest of ease in the shortest of time. As a society, we’ve begun to populate this idea of an “overnight success” when someone bursts on to the scene. An artist’s single hits iTunes and explodes onto radio waves. Most assume they’ve come out of nowhere and this is this first song. They saw the results of his work but not the grind that prepared him for that crucial moment.

    Too often we focus on the tip of the iceberg above water (glory) instead of the gigantic block of ice underneath the water (grind).

    “We always see the glory, but we never know the grind that got them there.” — Steven Furtick

    But still you want to know the secret to overnight success? How can you crush your goals, build your business, and win your sport today? The magic formula to overnight success is this:

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    You’re Never Out of It

    Bad breaks occur. Relationships fail. Injuries occur. Defeat in competition happens. Sometimes when everything appears to go your way, suddenly things fall apart. But this doesn’t mean you should give up. This is the exact moment you must continue to compete. The featured video is a ESPN Sportscenter piece on the legendary 1994 Texas high school...

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