by Jake Thompson

“Good Enough” Isn’t

“The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their co...

“The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.” – Vince Lombardi

How committed are you to pursuing greatness?

Most of us if given the chance, want to do just enough to “get by.” We estimate – incorrectly most times – that if we give just enough in this area, we’ll get by and can keep going. Our work is “ok” but far from anything to brag about. But, it gets us through another week, another paycheck, and onto another project.

How many of us are guilty of completing a paper in high school that we spent hardly any time on but knew we could just squeak by passing with?

The problem with “good enough” is that it always resides in our comfort zone. It’s safe. Because “good enough” doesn’t get us hurt, it just gets us by. We believe there’s no risk of failure – which is scarier than actually failing. Think about this.

All great things require risk. Every business started. Every athlete’s performance on a playing field (in front of ten or tens of thousands fans). Every great turn in one’s journey. Every great thing that can happen is preceded by someone taking a risk. Great things require risk – you have to be willing to put your neck out there and fail in order to achieve something great.

“Good enough” would have been me never following my passions and instead doing what everyone else suggested I do with my life. There was a great chance I’d fail. So what if I failed? I’d risk embarrassment, disappointment, and heartache. I’d have to be temporarily (or permanently) uncomfortable by forcibly being outside of comfort zone.

Oh, but what if I succeeded? What if it worked, and I lived the life I dreamed of? Isn’t that risk worth abandoning good enough for something even better?

When placed side by side, who among us wouldn’t take some embarrassment and having to overcome disappointment to live the life we desired? It’s a no brainer! You may have assumed I was talking about starting Compete Every Day – but doesn’t the same apply to our health / training, our relationships and marriages, and our careers?

Taking the mindset of “good enough” robs you of any opportunity to be great. There’s no pushing yourself to new levels and no personal growth. “Good enough” is what causes many spirits to die years before a person’s body ever does.

And you were born for better than just “good enough.” Pursue greatness.

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