by Jake Thompson

Build a Legendary Legacy

“Once you realize that being good or great is not good enough—becau...

“Once you realize that being good or great is not good enough—because legendary is attainable—you’ve got to make it important.” 

A shift in perspective can change everything in life. Too often we accept certain outcomes without even testing them. Certain goals are too lofty, “impossible” even, and some dreams were never meant to be achieved. We buy into what everyone in society – or even the voices in the back of our head – tell us. We allow our lives to be boxed in by what’s possible and what’s not. At least, what we believe is not possible for us.

But that’s not true at all. Not even close. We each have an extraordinary potential to be world changers. We each have the ability to leave a positive, lasting legacy on those closest to us. We do this by believing there are no limits – and allowing our language and actions to follow that mindset. We begin to realize our only “limits” are the ones we place on ourselves and that they can be overcome with the correct perspective. We begin to pursue, dare I say compete for, greatness every single day.

Once you realize the truth about yourself – that obstacles are not insurmountable – you begin to act accordingly. You live differently when you no longer feel a certain outcome is not “impossible,” but instead quite attainable. When “average” is no longer acceptable, you begin to pursue greatness. Like Neo in the classic Matrix series, it’s as if your eyes are opened to a new world. You live with a fire that others wish they had.

And people on fire are the people that change the world.

One of the reasons I am passionate about sharing stories on Compete Every Day is to show you that greatness is attainable. No matter what situation or adversity you are currently facing, someone in this world has faced those same obstacles — or worse — and come through the other side victoriously. They are living proof that what some currently see as “impossible” is anything but. They believed their victory was possible and their actions followed their belief. The amazing part about this is that others saw this with them and their own limiting beliefs about what is “impossible” in their own life was shattered.

Once you realize that your current situation is not impossible — that victory is truly a possibility — you begin to act accordingly. You no longer live in fear, but instead with an attitude that you will overcome. And when you live with that fire to overcome, your lifestyle changes and people notice.

Those people watching you begin to wonder what makes you different, and most importantly, how they can live in the same manner. You see this in business. People see one entrepreneur beat the odds, win an industry, and they too become inspired to do the same because they now know it is possible. Every spring, some undrafted NFL prospect will look at the likes of Kurt Warner, Wes Welker, and Arian Foster and realize “to hell with being passed over in the draft.” They will find a way to make a roster and win a starting job. They see someone rise to greatness from the same starting position they are currently sitting in and know deep down that they can too. Even in life, people face overwhelming odds, diseases, failures, and rise to victory because they believe it to be possible. “Impossible” is tossed aside. Victory is the only focus.

When people compete every day, lives change, and the world changes. For the better.

Legendary is possible in your life. Pursue greatness, Compete, and trust us, it will come. A life on fire will do more great for this world than all of Donald Trump’s mouth or money every could.

Today is your day – Compete for it.

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