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    Mike Nowak: Just a Mile

    Mike Nowak is on a mission to save one life at a time by running one mile at a time.

    Mike struggled with depression a majority of his life. Mike grew up with an alcoholic father who left his mother and him when Mike was eight. The struggle of wondering why his father chose alcohol over his son heavily weighed on Mike as he grew older. After his father’s death, Mike began battling depression as his emotions and blame for things turned inward. He was great at showing a smile to everyone while feeling broken and hurting inside. Mike felt the entire weight on his shoulders and that weight followed him from high school to college and put him on a path toward alcoholism himself.

    It was to the point that on two different occasions Mike tried to drink himself to death. But despite his best efforts to end his life, a bigger plan was in play. After a fraternity brother committed suicide, Mike made the choice to compete for his life. Suicide was no longer and option and he would defeat his depression.

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