be known for results.

We create programs to help leaders be known for creating consistent results & having a competitive edge in a competitive industry. Learn how embracing a this mindset can increase growth, improve collaboration, and push your organization forward without burning out your people. 

make your next event impactful beyond just one day.

The greatest leaders consistently take on challenges, deliver deep value to their organization, develop themselves and understand their team members.

But what happens when those leaders feel underdeveloped or overwhelmed by their roles? A recent study shared that 69% of millennials feel a lack of leadership development.

That is when Jake Thompson steps in.

this isn't a people problem anymore.

A 2021 survey revealed that only 11% of companies feel they have a strong organizational leadership program. 58% of managers surveyed said they received zero management training, and 63% of millennials shared that their leadership skills were not being fully developed. This isn’t a people problem but a training program problem.

Transforming your people into assets isn’t achieved through vanity perks. Doughnut days or ice cooler giveaways don’t move the needle for most people. But how can you change the culture of your employees to believe they can do anything? By making an intentional, strategic investment into them with the help of a proven performance coach. This is where Jake Thompson comes 

The best investment a team can make is in their employees. Learn how we partner with clients to invest in their people and unlock their full potential through an experience that supersedes expectations & life beyond just this single event!


Dive deeper into your customized keynote's content by pairing this short, applicable read that can help your team continue to learn how to stack small, doable daily choices to create powerful lasting impacts through bulk orders of Jake’s books, Compete Every Day & Lead Better Now.


Keep the theme of your event relevant and top of mind - so your team continues to compete for their goals - by outfitting them in a comfortable, new shirt. We can customize any current Compete Every Day apparel or work to create a custom design specifically for you!



Hi, I’m Jake and I teach people to how to compete every day to get better results & reach their full potential. I don’t believe in helping people “feel good,” I believe in delivering tangible results for my clients – and they would agree, as evidenced by the multiple global brands I’ve worked with on repeat occasions.

I leverage my experience of building a 7-figure organization that I started by first selling t-shirts in the trunk of my car, hosting a podcast ranked in the top 1% globally, and impacting over 75,000 people directly with my messages on competing every day to help my clients get better results.

Success isn’t a secret, magic formula, but understanding how we can make small shifts in our focus & daily actions to build a winning mindset – that transforms our day-to-day into a winning life. And I’m on a mission to show you how.

"I highly recommend Jake to any organization that is looking to inspire their workforce and drive incredible results."

Amy Silva-Magalhaes, Ultimate Care Assisted Living Management

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