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    Blog — anxiety

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    Overwhelmed by the Big Picture

    The big picture scares the hell out of me. Does it you?

    It may just be me. It could be just in my own head – that overwhelming feeling of setting a big goal and then being overcome with panic when trying to simply gameplan how to get there. Big goals like starting a business, eating strict & clean for 45 days, or paying off debt. You know you need to reach these goals, but when you sit down to start, the size of the task starts to paralyze you.

    It’s too much. I have no idea where to start. And most times, we tell ourselves we don’t know where to start and so we don’t. We choose doing nothing over doing something – doing anything at all. We allow the “Goliath” to freeze us in our tracks. And that goal? It starts to haunt us, day after day as something we should do, but something we don’t do.

    So how in the world do we move forward when the big picture scares the hell out of us? How the hell do I get my two feet to take one single step today? Here’s what I’ve learned through countless failures – and how those failures taught me to win.

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