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    Circumstances Can’t Define Me

    “Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.” – Nido Qubein

    How often is the excuse, “If I was only born with ‘x'” or “If I came from ‘x’ like this person“, used in the place of action toward success? Too many of us, myself included, have found ourselves wishing we had different circumstances instead of using that energy to change our current circumstances. We let the present circumstance define us rather than defining ourselves by what we do in that circumstance.

    Thank God for inspirations like Ben Jackson.

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    How to Be an Overnight Success

    “We always see the glory, but we never know the grind that got them there.” – Steven Furtick

    We live in a “quick fix” society that craves immediate gratification & everything on “our time.” DVRs allow us to skip commercials and watch any show at the touch of our fingers. Marketing leader Gary Vaynerchuk recently wrote how we’ve gotten to the point of being annoyed when we receive phone calls if it’s not on “our time.” That’s why text messaging is so good – you can answer when you want to. And success?

    We want that shit right now. Every entrepreneur wants to build a million-dollar business in one day. Every athlete wants to win their sport’s championship their first year. And every single one of us wants to achieve each of goals with the greatest of ease in the shortest of time. 

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