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    Blog — productivity

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    Beating Yesterday

    How do you continually keep giving more effort?

    Beat yesterday. It’s been a phrase we’ve used frequently this year with Compete Every Day. The idea of doing more than we did yesterday is a key component on the road to success. It’s a simple phrase but a challenge we can all take on each morning.

    Some days are harder than others. We don’t know how we can match the prior’s energy level or output, and struggle to even catch our breath. Life knocks us down. That’s inevitable. Some days we do not win. However, the idea of being better than yesterday continues on – if we choose to keep competing.

    The days we are knocked down are easy to rebound from – if we choose to get back up and keep going. The days we struggle to get by can be overcome the following – if we consciously decide that the new day is a new day, leaving the old behind us.

    Intentionally focusing on giving a better effort each and every day is something most people don’t take the time to do or don’t care to. They are “ok” with things as they are, floating through life, day after day. But not you.

    Like you, I desire something more from my life. I realize I only get one shot at today – and I better make it count. So I am intentional in my plan, my words, and my actions – doing everything in my power to give a better effort in my work, my relationships, & my life pursuits. You and I both share that mindset – and that’s why we are competitors.

    But what if you’re struggling to take steps toward daily improvement? Each week I implement specific steps to make sure I am progressing toward my goals. I create a plan to “beat yesterday.”

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    Be the One

    How do you wake up in the morning?

    Do you grumble and growl searching in the darkness for the source of that incessant alarm buzz? Do you rollover and kiss your loved one good morning? Do you hit the snooze button to sleep “just 5 more minutes…” Or do you hear that alarm ring and instantly think “It’s game time. Let’s go.”?

    How we start each day affects how the rest of our day goes. I’m a firm believer that life is not about how we start, but how we finish. But each day? Each day depends on the attitude you take into it. How do you greet the morning? Do you just want to survive it? Please God, just get me to 5pm… Or do you desire its adventure? Ok Tuesday, bring it on…. I saw this tweet by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson this past weekend and loved it:

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