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    Ted Hoyt: Life Is Worth Competing For

    It started on a simple 5K run around the San Diego River in Mission Valley.

    Ted Hoyt began to feel a slight numbness in his foot. The feeling quickly shot through his leg, torso, hand, and face, leaving his body with a tingling sensation. But as quickly as it appeared, it disappeared. Ted went back out for a five-mile run the following day when the numbness reappeared. As soon as Ted would walk, the feeling would go away, so he continued on with his life. It was only after he began losing energy during his workouts and forgetting long-time coworkers’ names did he realize something was wrong.

    “Being an amateur runner and a CrossFit athlete, I thought I could work my way through the pain,” Ted recalls. But this was not something Ted could just work his way through.

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