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    Blog — kate foster

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    Kate Foster: I’ll Show You

    Cancer is a bitch.

    We really have no other way to phrase it. It’s an evil that is expected to hit 1.6 million Americans in 2012. Many are able to overcome it, but sadly, many do not. Out of the struggles against cancer, there shines the brightest of lights – hope, heart, strength, and the human body’s sheer will to survive. It’s incredible how much fight some people have inside of them that they never knew existed.

    One of those brightly shining lights is from Kate Foster, a 13-year-old CrossFit athlete from Illinois. Kate was diagnosed with leukemia just over fifteen months ago. It was devastating on her family.

    “Kids don’t deserve to be sick. They’re so innocent,” said Kate’s dad, Lynn. “But,” as he recalls, “her heart got her through it. She has the heart of a giant. She’s a strong-willed girl, and you don’t tell her no because she’ll find a way to show you she can.”

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