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    Blog — unfinished business

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    Unfinished Business

    Beat yesterday.

    Those two words have been a consistent theme for 2016 for the Compete community. The idea of competing against the person we were yesterday is a tried and true blueprint for success. It is not one that happens overnight. Each competitor is like a sculptor molding a work of art. Each day is spent chipping away at layers, refining the edges, and working the mold toward the shape the artist has in mind. Like the artist, we do a little bit more today than we did yesterday.

    We push our workouts just a little bit harder. We serve in our relationships a little bit more. We inch out of our comfort zone – and toward our goals – a little bit more every day. Until we get there. Which, you know as well as I do, doesn’t truly exists. Because when we get there, we raise the bar, set a new goal, and start again, more confident in ability to repeat our success a second, third, or fourth time.

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