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    Blog — hangry

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    Hangry & Stressed

    I got a headache yesterday from stress. One of those, you’re talking too loud, the lights are too bright, almost-migraine headaches where all you want to do is lay down in a dark space and close your eyes. I was in physical pain and the only person to blame was me.

    I kept telling myself to relax, breathe, everything was going to work out. But for some reason my stress levels kept going up and up and up. That muscle near my left shoulder blade was so tense it felt like I had been throwing a left-handed pitch all day.

    My decision making suffered, the work I had to do scattered into a million tiny tasks I felt I couldn’t possibly conquer, and every little annoyance was magnified into an unapproachable mess. There’s nowhere to park? HOW CAN THIS BE HAPPENING?

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