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    Blog — overcome pain

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    Imitate The Hydra

    How are you going to respond to failure? Are you going to allow it to stop you or you going to allow it to strengthen you?

    I love Greek mythology. I love all the stories surrounding the Greek mythology of Zeus, Odysses, Poseidon, & Hercules. And if you are familiar with any of these, you have heard tales of the labors of Hercules.

    Today’s Monday motivation is focused on the second labor, the Hydra.

    Hercules was tasked with finding and killing the Hydra, a mythical serpent beast with multiple heads, poisonous blood, and an odor that would kill anyone who breathed in the air near it. It was one of the deadliest creatures in the land by these characteristics alone, but the Hydra had a secret that none of its victims had lived to tell about.

    Hercules initially attacked the Hydra like he would any other beast. Grabbing his sword, he immediately cut off one of the Hydra’s heads, hoping to wound the creature. But something strange happened. In the place of one head grew two. In fact, every time you tried to cut off a head, two more would grow back.

    Every person to this point had failed to kill the Hydra because they didn’t understand that what didn’t kill it only made it stronger.

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