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    Blog — kelli masters

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    Kelli Masters

    Sports agent Kelli Masters was at her very lowest point in life. The broadcast journalism graduate and former Miss Oklahoma was searching for what to do with her life. She had recently graduated from the University of Oklahoma and had gone into law school just to open up career options for her. On the outside, everything looked great for this aspiring young woman. But on the inside, she was in a dark place and felt lost. It was at that moment she found God.

    “I personally hit rock bottom. That ultimately paved the way to my faith in Christ and flipped my entire world around in a positive way.”

    Kelli, like many, assumed she immediately needed to go to Africa or work in an orphanage. Now that this missing piece in her life was filled, she wanted to do more than what she had, but was fearful of what that “something” was. Mentors and friends encouraged her to stay in school.

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