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    Success Is Not Microwavable

    Success Is Not Microwavable

    “Your body is not Amazon Prime. It does not show up in two days”.

    In context it was meant to take a jab at fad dieting. However upon greater reflection the expectation of near instant gratification plagues us in many ways not just with regards to our eating habits.

    We live in a digital age where we are surrounded by what appear to be overnight success stories.

    We have expectations of starting venture, whether it be fitness, business, or personal, and having it come to fruition without struggle. We expect to see a road paved with gold sooner rather than later. I mean I a saw it on Shark Tank or Instagram, how hard could it be? It worked for them why won’t it work for me?

    What we don’t see is the countless nights without sleep, hours spent training, the multiple failures, and endless amounts of determination that went into making the dream take flight. However, among successful people there are a few traits that, regardless of discipline, are shared across the board.

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