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    Blog — comfort zone

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    Courage or comfort? What will you choose? You will never experience success from the safety of your comfort zone. No growth, no goals, no greatness is ever found in comfort. Muscles must be broken down through resistance training in order to grow stronger. Diamonds are created from high temperatures and pressure exerted on them. And great...

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    Choosing Courage over Comfort

    Courage or comfort?

    What will you choose? Do you want your life to be remembered as one represented by courage, or as one represented by comfort?

    The greatest stories in life – the ones we love to watch, read, and see – feature courage. Our favorite movies, books, and legends each feature main characters who face adversity, and in a moment of crisis, are forced to make a decision between being courageous or staying comfortable.

    “Do I want to be courageous in this moment? Do I want to be brave and face the unknown, this obstacle, this adversity or do I want to be comfortable? Or do I want to stay where I am doing exactly what I am in this very safe place?”

    You and I face these same questions every single day. If we watched a film about someone who spent the entire movie making safe decisions and never taking a risk, it would be the most boring moving we’d seen. Great movies involve an act of courage.

    Yet most all of us live our lives like that boring movie. We play it safe.

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    Push Past Your Limits

    Push Past Your Limits

    CrossFit Games Open workout 16.4 in the books. Gross.

    13 minutes, as many rounds as possible of:

    • 55 deadlifts (225lbs)
    • 55 wallballs
    • 55 calorie row
    • 55 handstand pushups

    I hate deadlifts (and they hate me) and rowing, but the whole point is a good reminder to me that if you only do the things you like on the days you feel good, you won’t ever accomplish anything of value in life.

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    Bad Breaks for Better Positioning

    I still remember it as vividly as yesterday.

    “Jake, we’ve run out of funding. We’re shutting down the project temporarily, but we have to let go of everyone. Here’s your last check.”

    And just like that, the rug was yanked out from underneath me. The consulting project I’d been working for two years had disappeared overnight, and despite having a few small projects here and there, I was in trouble. The idea of Compete Every Day was there – but it wasn’t an apparel line, it wasn’t really anything more than the idea at that point. I was out of a client, out of a source of income, and out of my comfort zone.

    And it was the best thing that could have happened to me.

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