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    I couldn’t help but reflect on the journey midway through an hour-plus long grueling workout. “Salt” as its known to our CrossFit Strong family, is a brutally long workout featuring 8,000m of running, 155 kettllebell swings, and 155 ring dips. I wasn’t even halfway through the workout, running (if you could call it that at my pace) back into the gym when those all-to-familiar sounds crept in.

    You could quit now, you know? There’s a TON of work left. No one would blame you if you made an excuse and mailed it in.

    I chuckled to myself and kept pushing on, slightly more determined to finish the workout. But each time I ran to that 400m mark and back, my mind reminded me how much “I” hated this long workout. “I” was simply the doubt of it ever ending and the fear of not completing talking louder in my mind than my own determination.

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