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    Blog — goals

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    Dream - or Do?

    Dream - or Do?

    It's easy to be a dreamer.

    There's no work or effort involved, you just think about how great it will be one day. Sometimes you talk about it. You might even share your dream with a friend, but that's the extent of it.

    "Wouldn't it be nice if..." is usually how dreams start. There's zero risk, zero chance of failure, and zero chances of you getting hurt by just dreaming.

    And there is zero opportunity for you to ever reach that dream by simply dreaming about it.

    So what can you do instead?

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    How to Make Today Your Day One

    How to Make Today Your Day One

    I’ve talked a lot the last few weeks about “Day One” and encouraging you to take action in one area of your life that you’ve been putting off for “one day.”

    I’ve received some amazing emails back each week, and I had a few of the community members ask “How can I make today Day One?” Today, I wanted to address that and offer some advice that has worked for getting me from standing in neutral at the starting line, to moving forward.

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    Start Your First Mile

    Start Your First Mile

    If you’re anything like me, you hear the words “26.2 miles” and immediately start to back up. I don’t like to run two miles, much less 26 of them. And for a lot of us, we see this huge distance of 26 miles and get overwhelmed. We don’t believe we can go that far right now so for some reason, we get stuck with the notion that we’ll never go that far.

    But did you know how a marathon is actually run?

    One. Small. Step. At. A. Time.

    Ask any marathoner. For them to reach mile 26, they have to start with mile 1.

    And to reach mile 1? You have to start with step one.

    It’s the same with having BIG goals.

    Do you know the kind of goals I’m talking about?

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    sud·den·ly | ˈsədnlē/ | adverb | quickly and unexpectedly

    Instantly. All of at once. Abruptly. Life changes suddenly.

    For those of us who have lost a loved one, “suddenly” is when our world was rocked. A phone call, someone at the front door, or an accident and life is completely changed. The word conjures up bad memories or flashbacks of how things “were good” then suddenly they weren’t.

    But “suddenly” isn’t necessary a bad word. It shouldn’t always be about bad memories.

    “I met her, then suddenly my life changed for the better.”

    “I walked into that first class, did the workout, and suddenly, I was hooked.”

    Suddenly happens only one way – with action.

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    Endurance Training

    How much pain are you willing to endure in order to go for glory?

    If you know what’s coming, if you know what you are striving toward, aren’t you a little bit more focused and more capable of enduring what you are currently going through?

    Take for example your workouts. How many of our workouts just absolutely suck? Our lungs burn, our arms hurt, and our legs are on fire. Yet we know there is an end in sight, so we continue pushing toward either that final rep or until that clock sounds because we know we are gaining strength from it. We understand the benefits of our workout.

    How about a mother who carries a child in her womb for 9 months and then gives birth? Labor is not a comfortable process and it cannot be fun. But at the end of it you have this new creation, a new child and piece of your family. Then how many mothers are willing to go through all of that pain, all of that suffering, all over again for a second, third or fourth child? Plenty.

    This is endurance training at it’s finest. Endurance training is about pushing yourself through that temporary pain, through the hurt because you see what’s ahead and that final point that you are striving toward.

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