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    Toughness To Compete Every Day

    “I’ve got a dad and older brother who get up and go to work, and sometimes they don’t feel great, but they go and they grind.” Cleveland Browns quarterback Josh McCown shares why he keeps going back onto the field after being injured, and continuing to compete in pain. He jokes that unless his arm...

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    The Stars Mean Nothing

    It’s not about the stars beside your name as a HS recruit.. It’s about the work you’re willing to put in to be great — Bucky Brooks (@BuckyBrooks) February 6, 2016 How bad do you want it? How much are you willing to Compete for it? This is the ultimate question we must ask...

    The post The Stars Mean Nothing appeared first on Compete Every Day.

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    Me vs. Me

    “Every one of us is competing against ourselves. Get better at something, whether it’s a small thing or a huge thing. Nobody’s ever had a perfect day, but you’re trying to get there.” – Richard Sherman, Seattle Seahawks

    It’s hard not to sit in awe and watch one of the NFL’s best defensive backs dominate a game. It’s amazing how he has gone from special teams player to a top cornerback and playmaker on one of the league’s best defenses. But reading the quote above, and you’ll quickly realize that Richard Sherman has the right mentality to be great.

    After being passed over for the first 153 picks of the 2011 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks finally drafted the Stanford cornerback in the fifth round. He anger of being skipped over for other players sank deep within Richard’s spirit. He would prove his doubters wrong. He went from playing on special teams to starting his first year in the league, snagging four interceptions in the process and showing glimpses of elite talent.

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    Kelli Masters

    Sports agent Kelli Masters was at her very lowest point in life. The broadcast journalism graduate and former Miss Oklahoma was searching for what to do with her life. She had recently graduated from the University of Oklahoma and had gone into law school just to open up career options for her. On the outside, everything looked great for this aspiring young woman. But on the inside, she was in a dark place and felt lost. It was at that moment she found God.

    “I personally hit rock bottom. That ultimately paved the way to my faith in Christ and flipped my entire world around in a positive way.”

    Kelli, like many, assumed she immediately needed to go to Africa or work in an orphanage. Now that this missing piece in her life was filled, she wanted to do more than what she had, but was fearful of what that “something” was. Mentors and friends encouraged her to stay in school.

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    Danny Arnold: Plex

    Professional athletes know Danny Arnold’s name. His name and Houston-area training facilities, Plex, are synonymous with success in the elite athletic circles. Clients include Julius Peppers, Charles Woodson, and Lance Berkman are just three of the many elite athletes who have trained with Danny. Unlike many training-only facilities, Danny’s facilities and programming is a combination sports medicine and performance-based facility. He didn’t want to be just another “strength & conditioning guy” so he built something better.

    Danny took some time recently to sit down with Compete Every Day to share how he built Plex, his approach to training, and what he competes for.

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