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Why You Need Tougher Competition

Playing with people at your level don't push you beyond yours.

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Find Tougher Competition

We grow better by putting ourselves in situations with others who are better than us, right?

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Look in the Mirror

There's a part of me that always had that mindset - in sports, in my working career, and even when I found CrossFit. I was ok going into a "dark hole"...

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Loren Langenbeck

I was never one for individual sports. I love walking out onto a court and looking at my teammates and we just know that we’re about to bring it on....

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Caitlin Mayes

“I #Compete for the goosebumps. the butterflies. the pinpricks. the walk before the run. the last sharp inhale at the starting line. I compete for “3-2-1 go” and then throwing...

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