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    Blog — the perfect time

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    Action Over Perfection

    Raise your hand if you are guilty of waiting for the perfect time to come to you – either in the pursuit of your goals, asking someone out, or taking advantage of an opportunity. Anyone?

    I know I have been guilty of it numerous times throughout my life. I waited. For some reason, I had this idea that the perfect time would arrive and things would be better, life would easier, everything would be a little bit more organized, and then I would finally do something. At that “perfect moment,” I would take this chance, I would go on this trip, and then I would do whatever. And you know what? I never did anyone of those things.

    Because this idea of a perfect time, this lie that we buy into, it doesn’t exist. It is a magical unicorn that we tell ourselves, so that when we say I will do it “tomorrow,” we feel better about the lie we tell ourselves, knowing that it is probably never going to get done.

    So how do you get past this idea of waiting for perfection? How do you move from waiting for the perfect time and instead move forward with action immediately?

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