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Life is a competition. Every single day is a battle - against complacency, average, and internal doubts. Most people spend their lives putting their focus and self-worth into the competition with things beyond their control. Winners spend their lives competing with what's in their control, specifically how they're getting better than the person they see in the mirror every day.

What started as a simple message printed on shirts and sold out of the trunk of a car in 2011 (scroll down to learn more!) has evolved into a true lifestyle brand that intertwines leadership development and mental performance with actionable resources and empowering clothing. Why?

Because the world is chalked full of fluff. Quick inspirations that fade and "shortcuts" that lead nowhere. We don't want our people to simply "feel good." We strive to help leaders get better every single day so they can get better results and make bigger impacts. Every program and product we introduce is designed to both evoke courage & empower leaders to take action in creating change.

Feelings fade away. Results forge legacies. We're on a mission to help you forge yours.

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Jake's engaging & inspiring programs provide actionable steps & practical strategies his audiences can take immediately to boost performance in their work & life. 

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A healthy competitive mindset is the foundation to getting better results & reaching one's full potential. Dive into our books & podcast episodes to learn how to start building yours.

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Winning doing the work to improve, regardless of how you feel. To help you on "those" days & every day in-between, we've created comfortable clothing to boost your mindset & performance to compete.

The Mindset Required to Reach Your Full Potential™.

Compete Every Day® (CED) is the mindset required to reach your full potential. Talent is great - but talent & potential are wasted every day by individuals who choose to not build a mindset capable of rising to - or beyond - that talent level.

We believe in embracing a healthy competitive mindset to outwork our talent level by waking up every day with intention to be better than the day before. We compete against who we were yesterday in order to move closer to the leader can become - and get better results along the way.


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How Much We Compete

We've come a long way from the trunk of my car.

I read a book in my late 20's about living a better life story and it changed my life. At the time, I was a passenger in my own life story. I was working as a marketing consultant, spending my weekends partying and buying new cars and toys. I was overweight, drinking all the time, and surrounded by superficial relationships. 

The book made me realize that my story sucked. I needed a change.

I started rebuilding my health in the gym. I became obsessed with learning, devouring everything I could on leadership development, sports psychology, and professional development. I started going into each day with intention and a plan to get one percent better, instead of what I had done, which is go through the motions and hope my circumstances and results got better.

I stacked day ontop of day ontop of day, and over time, I started to generate positive results that caught the attention of others. I began explaining this concept of striving for greatness in each area of my life every day, and how I was competing with myself and it was working to change my life.

 The more people I talked to, the more I saw how this idea of competing every day was resonating with them. Not knowing what else to do, I eventually threw the message on a stack of t-shirts and tanktops that I sold out of the trunk of my car behind a gym I was training at in Dallas. Little did I realize the brand would create a movement.

I traveled the US working fitness events and races, we partnered with national retailers, and the apparel grew year over year, but I felt something was missing. There had to be a better way to help people compete other than outfit them with empowering gear. 

I continually searched for opportunities to extend the message beyond just shirts and truly teach the how of competing every day so I could better help leaders who were just like me - wanting more for themselves but unsure of how to get it. It wasn't until a few pivotal people at random speaking engagements planted a seed.

I shifted our brand in late 2018 from solely focused on apparel to becoming a true lifestyle brand with a focus on training the competitive mindset.

Since that shift, I've had the opportunity speak to and partner with global brands such as Titleist Golf/FootJoy, Deloitte, Diamonds Direct, and more. Our team has created inspiring experiences around keynote programs, collaborated on company-wide apparel programs, and in 2024, will launch a learning library of courses on getting better personal and professional results. 

Today, our small team is focused on helping leaders just like you forge the legacy you want to leave behind by maximizing what you do in the present. You'll find a number of both free and paid resources on our website to help you get started today, wherever you are.

And yes, we still create that incredibly comfortable, motivating apparel to remind you of what you're capable of: winning.

Let's get to work.

Jake Thompson / Chief Encouragement Officer

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