by Jake Thompson

Success Requires Stickwithitness

Are you capable of continuing to show up?
Success Requires Stickwithitness

“Stickwithitness” – the ability to stick with a pursuit.

It goes by many names. Grit. Perseverance. Determination. Stubbornness.

It’s the ability to keep showing up for yourself and what you believe in until the challenge in front of you folds.

Take for instance Allan Scott, the producer behind Netflix’s wildly successful series, The Queen’s Gambit. The show has been watched by 62 MILLION PEOPLE. Quite a hit, eh?

It wasn’t seen that way and wasn’t easy to produce.

In fact, Amy Charlotte Kean shared that Scott mentioned in a BBC interview that..

it took him 30 years, with 9 rewrites, and every studio he showed it to said that no one would be interested in chess.


  • 62 million people have streamed the series.
  • Sales of chess sets have exploded. Ebay even reported a 273% growth in search and sales

And the best part?

The Netflix show’s success is due largely to word of mouth, not mainstream advertising. Someone saw it. Loved it. And then told someone else about it.

One after another after another.

In fact, when the show released, it was doing “ok” for new series, but after roughly a month, it’s viewership exploded.

After 30 years of work to write & create it. Not bad for an ‘overnight success’ right?

I don’t know what your life’s version of The Queen’s Gambit is – that goal you’ve been working on or creation you’ve been tinkering with.

But stick with it.

Keep showing up and fighting for it.

Don’t let the lack of current success deter you.

Don’t let the length of the timeline to completing it stop you.

Just keep showing up for it. Eventually, the dam breaks.

But only if you keep working at it.

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