by Jake Thompson

Me vs. Me

“Every one of us is competing against ourselves. Get better at some...

“Every one of us is competing against ourselves. Get better at something, whether it’s a small thing or a huge thing. Nobody’s ever had a perfect day, but you’re trying to get there.” – Richard Sherman, Seattle Seahawks

It’s hard not to sit in awe and watch one of the NFL’s best defensive backs dominate a game. It’s amazing how he has gone from special teams player to a top cornerback and playmaker on one of the league’s best defenses. But reading the quote above, and you’ll quickly realize that Richard Sherman has the right mentality to be great.

After being passed over for the first 153 picks of the 2011 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks finally drafted the Stanford cornerback in the fifth round. He anger of being skipped over for other players sank deep within Richard’s spirit. He would prove his doubters wrong. He went from playing on special teams to starting his first year in the league, snagging four interceptions in the process and showing glimpses of elite talent.

Last year, he elevated his game to another level, earning Pro Bowl honors and the respect of offensive coaches everywhere as someone to avoid. Richard’s greatness stems from his unending work ethic and his compete every day focus. He understands its “me vs. me” every single day. Richard takes this approach to anyone he lines up across from – be it All-Pro Calvin Johnson or rookie Denard Robinson. Everyone he stares across the line at will get his best, every single play, because he is solely focused on his job and doing it better than he did before.

Can you say the same? Or are you more worried about… Who is lifting weights next to you?  Who is starting a business similar to yours? Who else might have interest in that girl or guy? Compete Every Day means it’s “you vs. you” every single day. Better today than yesterday, and better still tomorrow.

Once you seize that mentality, you are on your way to greatness. Compete.

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