by Jake Thompson

The Stars Mean Nothing

It’s not about the stars beside your name as a HS recruit.. It’s ab...

How bad do you want it? How much are you willing to Compete for it?

This is the ultimate question we must ask ourselves each morning regarding the journey we’ve set for ourselves. Be it a sports journey, working toward that top tier level and championship. Be it a business journey, starting something from scratch and trying to build an empire. Or be it a health journey, just trying to create a healthy lifestyle after spending years complacent. Each journey we take comes down to the answer of just one question – how bad do we want it?

I love the tweet above because it displays the importance of a person’s desire to be excellent – no matter the situation or what other people think about them. writer Jim Reineking highlights 10 NFL players who weren’t considered “good enough” to earn a scholarship for college football, yet because of their drive to Compete, went on to forge their own path into college and playing on Sundays. Arguably, two of the 5-10 best players in the NFL right now, Antonio Brown and J.J. Watt, both weren’t considered worth a college scholarship.

Now they’re two of the best to play in the National Football League.

Just because other athletes, other businesses, other individuals feel you lack the ability to excel doesn’t make this true. Your success and journey are determined by what you do – not what they say. Are you willing to Compete for it? Will you put in the hours long after others have gone home? And will you refuse to take “no” as an answer?

If you’re willing to Compete for it, then big things await you. Ignore the doubters, the critics, the haters. Focus on what you control – you – and make today your best one yet.

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