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How to Make Today Your Day One

I’ve talked a lot the last few weeks about “Day One” and encouragin...
How to Make Today Your Day One

I’ve talked a lot the last few weeks about “Day One” and encouraging you to take action in one area of your life that you’ve been putting off for “one day.”

I’ve received some amazing emails back each week, and I had a few of the community members ask “How can I make today Day One?” Today, I wanted to address that and offer some advice that has worked for getting me from standing in neutral at the starting line, to moving forward.

1. Write down a clear picture of your destination.
Where do you want to be in 5 years? Write down exactly what it looks like. Where do you live? What do you do for a living? What does your perfect day in this life, five years from now, look like? In order to start moving toward a goal, you need a clear picture of it. It becomes the North Star that guides your every step forward that you’ll begin taking. Take out a piece of paper and write it down completely. You can add to your iPhone or computer notes later, but first, physically write it on paper. It’ll help you maintain focus, and then you can type it into your phone’s notes after.

2. Ask yourself – what’s ONE thing I can do today, that helps me get just ONE step closer to that dream destination tomorrow?
I’m guilty of getting overwhelmed by trying to figure out everything I need to do to get there right now, instead of focusing on just one thing I can do right here, right now, that will start moving me toward that goal. We all have one thing we can do today – Google research “how to start (insert your goal here)”, email our extended network about new job opportunities & what our skill set is great for, wake up 20 minutes earlier to get some reading/writing in. Any number of those things can be started immediately, and if they move you one step closer to your goal, then when you wake tomorrow, your dream is closer to being a reality.

3. Find accountability

We all need help in reaching our goals. Some of the best help I’ve found is through seeking accountability. This can be a spouse, a best friend, or a member of our online community. Find 1-3 people that you can all hold each other accountable to taking action and pursuing goals. These are not “Yes, Men” – they’re competitors who will challenge you and hold you to the standard you desire for yourself. They’ll keep you focused when you get off track and they’ll make sure you’re taking action, just as you will be for them.

4. Just start.
In order to make today Day One, you have to do something. Seriously, anything that will move you even an inch closer to your goals.

Talking about it won't make today Day One.
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Dreaming about it won’t either. To make today your first day, you have to start.

Four simple ways you can make today, the first day. One day…or Day One? You choose.

Most people don’t ever start because they don’t want to be seen starting at the bottom. Don’t be most people.”

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