by Jake Thompson


Suddenly… sud·den·ly | ˈsədnlē/ | adverb | quickly and unexpectedly...


sud·den·ly | ˈsədnlē/ | adverb | quickly and unexpectedly

Instantly. All of at once. Abruptly. Life changes suddenly.

For those of us who have lost a loved one, “suddenly” is when our world was rocked. A phone call, someone at the front door, or an accident and life is completely changed. The word conjures up bad memories or flashbacks of how things “were good” then suddenly they weren’t.

But “suddenly” isn’t necessary a bad word. It shouldn’t always be about bad memories.

“I met her, then suddenly my life changed for the better.”

“I walked into that first class, did the workout, and suddenly, I was hooked.”

Suddenly happens only one way – with action.

This moment you were here and then “suddenly” – and now you’re there.

But too often we avoid suddenly. We sit on the sidelines, content with our comfort zones. We never want to take any action for fear things may change “suddenly.” But if we did they change? What if that situation we always complained about changed for the better? What if our career accelerated upward suddenly? And what if that goal we’ve talked about forever, suddenly was accomplished?

Suddenly takes action. Suddenly takes YOU taking action.

This morning you were stuck in the same routine, bored, then suddenly you decided no more and to start working on reaching your goal before year’s end. Tonight, you’re safely seeing that person you’ve had a crush on from a distance. But tonight, you suddenly decide to go say hi. And life could forever change.

Goals aren’t accomplished without suddenly taking action. Dreams don’t become realities without suddenly setting deadlines and moving toward them. One one and only life isn’t changed for the better without suddenly seizing opportunities. Suddenly – just like success – doesn’t just come to you. Champions must create it – so you must create it.

First you were here – then suddenly – you took action and were there.

Create your suddenly today.

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