by Jake Thompson

Win Your Next

Find the focus to win your next moment by first winning this one.
Win Your Next

It's hard to make the upcoming play if you're still consumed with the previous.

We tend to think most sports come down to just one play, but in reality, games are won and loss by hundreds of individual plays made throughout the course of a game.

In football, you have eleven guys on each side of the ball trying to make a play each snap. Outside of play-calling by the coach, what happened last snap shouldn't determine what happens this next play.

If you slipped on first down and were tackled, it doesn't mean you're going to slip on second down. But we often get caught in the trap of what has happened instead of focusing on what's next. 

Many an athlete has been beaten on the football field because they were too focused on the play prior.

Still thinking about that great touchdown you had last drive will cause you to drop the wide-open pass this drive.

Still beating yourself up about the blown coverage that allowed your opponent to get that first down will prevent you from being able to stop them this time.

Athletes can't be focused anywhere except the next play if they want to succeed.

The same works in life.

What has happened has happened. You can't change the challenges dropped on your plate this year. You can't erase the missteps you've made in your career or relationships. You can't snap your fingers and change your situation.

You can't change them - but you shouldn't be controlled by them today either.

Just like an athlete has to be dialed into this play in order to make a play, you have to be dialed into this day in order to make a move.

Want a better starting position tomorrow? Take a step forward to win today.

Want a stronger mindset tomorrow? Invest 10 minutes (like now!) to building it so you can win today.

Life is like football - comprised of hundreds of teeny-tiny plays that most watching don't see.

It's up to you to stop focusing on the ones behind you so that you can be present to win the next one.

So you can win today's one.

Be where your feet are. Focus on what you can do today. Then do it.


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