by Sara Lee

Success Is Not Microwavable

“Your body is not Amazon Prime. It does not show up in two days”. ...
Success Is Not Microwavable

While on break, I was mindlessly scrolling Instagram while I was on a break and came across a mem that read “Your body is not Amazon Prime. It does not show up in two days”.

In context it was meant to take a jab at fad dieting. However upon greater reflection the expectation of near instant gratification plagues us in many ways not just with regards to our eating habits.

We live in a digital age where we are surrounded by what appear to be overnight success stories.

We have expectations of starting venture, whether it be fitness, business, or personal, and having it come to fruition without struggle. We expect to see a road paved with gold sooner rather than later. I mean I a saw it on Shark Tank or Instagram, how hard could it be? It worked for them why won’t it work for me?

What we don’t see is the countless nights without sleep, hours spent training, the multiple failures, and endless amounts of determination that went into making the dream take flight. However, among successful people there are a few traits that, regardless of discipline, are shared across the board.

Grit Chart

This cycle allows the individual to take a concept from a flash of imagination to a tangible outcome. These are the traits that make up a competitor’s mindset.


We have all met those people who live with a fullness that is unwavering.

Their personalities are intoxicating and inspiring.

They hold fast to their convictions and pour themselves in.

They are the people who live with passion. Passion is the component that gives the boldness to start, the perception of entering a pursuit without fear. It is not that they are fearless they simply believe in themselves.

However, having the fire to start does not guarantee success. We must have something to counter the emotions that are a natural result of living with passion.


This is where grit comes in. We can easily define grit as:

Grit: firmness of mind or spirit: unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger

This is a character trait though that is not easily defined within the human element.

There are some who make the educated argument that grit can be cultivated and there are some who say it is innate to the individual. Regardless of origin there are many that believe it is the secret to success when operating in uncertain environments.

When it comes to seeking success, there are few environments that are as uncertain. At any time, a multitude of things can go wrong. An athlete may become injured. A business may not produce revenue for months on end. We very well might find ourselves feeling like we have no end in sight.

Grit is the piece of the puzzle that allows us to put our heads down, fix our sights forward, and keep putting one foot in front of the other.


Closely related to grit is the concept of resilience. Resilience is how an individual “bounces back.”

Resilience is one of those things where we could spend a lot of time digging into the psychology, but I find anecdotal evidence to make the point just as effectively.

Let us look at Elon Musk.

He is the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla and as some may not know the former CEO of PayPal, a position from which he was fired. Musk underwent a great deal of failure leading up his billionaire entrepreneurial status. At any time, he could have surrendered to the naysayers of Silicon Valley. Instead, Musk kept innovating and launching multiple business ventures.

Where grit gave us the ability to endure, resilience gives us the ability to simply start again.

So, let’s say after reading this you have identified that these qualities are something you know exist within you.

The last critical assessment we must make is are we willing to put in the work.

If you are reading this I know that the answer is yes.

Name your goal.

Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who support the vision.

Shed the bullshit.

Start your journey.

Compete Every Day. 

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Guest Blog by Sara Lee. Sara is a coach, athlete, service member and on mission to live a life dedicated to improving the world she lives in. Read her blog here or connect with her on Instagram here.

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