by Jake Thompson

Smooth Hands Don't Lift Trophies

You can't hoist the trophy by avoiding the work. Champions put in...
Smooth Hands Don't Lift Trophies

I heard Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney remark that his strength coach always said:

“They don’t put championship rings on smooth hands. You have to put the work in.”

Football championships aren't just given out. You must earn them.

  • In off-season training
  • In practices
  • In the hours no one is watching you
  • In games

A lot of people today expect their goals to be handed to them. They think they can simply show up and earn that promotion. Or that if you start after a new goal or project, it should come quick and easy.

When reality smacks them in the face that you must show up and do the work consistently, they bail.

Their hands are never torn, bruised, or cut because they never do the work long enough for the calluses to form.

Nothing great comes easy.

You must be willing to do the work today - and every day - until you win.

Smooth hands don't hoist championship trophies - in football or in life.

Do the necessary work today to get better.

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