by Jake Thompson

Find Tougher Competition

We grow better by putting ourselves in situations with others who ...
Find Tougher Competition

Playing with people at your level don’t push you beyond yours.

Five Thirty Eight published an article regarding research and why great athletes tend to be younger siblings.

It’s a fascinating study on how many great athletes grow up, specially how the younger sibling tends to be the better athlete and performer longterm.


Author Tim Wigmore points to a number of contributing factors, including the faster development of physical and mental skills by playing against their older sibling.

Big brother & big sister tend to whoop their younger sibling early in sports because they’re older, more physically matured, and more experienced playing sports.

Due to this, the younger sibling is at a disadvantage and must learn much quicker how to improve their skills in order to beat the one person they are driven to beat.

The better opponent forces the younger sibling to more quickly raise their game in order to continue competing.

It works the same for us beyond our youth, too.

  • Want to improve your fitness level? Start training with individuals more experienced than you.
  • Want to grow your career? Start investing time learning from & networking with professionals 5-10 years ahead of you in your industry.
  • Want to cultivate a healthier marriage? Spend one night every month with a couple who has 10-20 years ahead of you in relationship to learn how they better navigated challenges of long-term commitment.

We grow better by putting ourselves in situations with others who are better than us. Iron sharpens iron, right? 

Ask yourself today, how can I put myself in a new situation in February where I’m at the bottom of the experience/success ladder? How can I put myself around people who have achieved more so I can better learn how I can too?

Winning next year starts with what you do to finish this one.

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