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Compete Every Day

Life is worth competing for.

Compete Every Day® provides competitors everywhere, the positive motivation to take on their greatest obstacles and compete for their life. 

We are a community of individuals that believe every day is worth pouring your heart into the pursuit of the one life you desire and the people you love. We are people just like you – athletes, yogis, parents, creatives, sons & daughters, dreamers, & doers. We come from all over the world and we each bear the scars of our life’s own battles. We may differ many ways but we are united in our shared mindset to Compete Every Day for the victories in this life we desire.

We have tasted failure. We know the feeling of defeat. And we’ve watched with disappointment as well-laid plans have crumbled. We’ve seen our opponents celebrate and we’ve known what it’s like to do without. Yet, we have also seen first-hand how these painful setbacks – these failures – when framed properly, set up our current and future successes. They are “set-ups” not “setbacks.”

For that reason, we are committed to providing you positive motivation, relevant tools, & a thriving, welcoming community to fuel your competition in life & reach new levels of success.

Compete every day isn’t about what you do in the gym or a workout. It’s about taking control of your life and refusing to let fear hinder you from the goals you seek to accomplish and the people you desire to adventure alongside. It’s finding the strength within to face the unknown, the courage to stare fear in the eye, and the determination to constantly press onward. Every. Single. Day.

Welcome to a community of world-changers. Today is your day – Compete for it.

- Jake Thompson, Chief Encouragement Officer, Compete Every Day


If you are looking to “level up” the community you keep & the life you live, I encourage you to join us at www.CompeteForYour.Life & engage a community on fire to crush their goals, rise above their “limits,” & compete for their life - every single day.

Your Life is Worth Competing For

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