CED is the mentality of Champions who refuse to give up, to settle, or to quit in the face of challenges.

We don't believe in participation trophies or handouts. If you want to win, work to win. Be someone willing to empty your tank in the pursuit of victory, no matter how difficult the road.

Regret carries a heavier burden than failure.

Every product is designed to empower the wearer to pursue their victory - whatever that victory is. They aren’t created to make people “feel good.” They’re created to encourage people take action.

Feelings fade away. Actions forge legacies.

We strive to equip & empower ambitious professionals who want to excel in their career & life by creating motivational products, actionable content & game-changing offline experiences.

If you're someone willing to forsake life's sidelines for a shot at your goals, welcome to Competitor Nation.

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welcome to competitor nation

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