Everybody wants to win. Everybody wants to hoist the trophy & hear the applause.


Compete Every Day® was created to empower & equip those who will. 

CED is the mentality of Champions who refuse to give up, to settle, or to quit in the face of challenges. Victory is never guaranteed, but a Competitor is willing to take on the risk of failure in the pursuit of a meaningful victory.

Regret carries a heavier burden than failure.

Every product is designed to empower the wearer to pursue their victory - whatever that victory is. They aren’t created to make people “feel good.” They’re created to encourage people take action. Feelings fade away. Actions forge legacies.

Through our creation of quality products, powerful content, & on/offline experiences, we aim to continue being the premier source of mental, & leadership development for those willing to do the difficult work needed to win.

If you're someone courageously willing to risk failure in order to achieve meaningful victories & become your best self, welcome to Competitor Nation.

BUILD YOUR WINNING MINDSETWeekly content & actionable tools to help you live a powerful life.

Welcome to Competitor Nation

Want to improve your chances of success? Need help building a more unbeatable mindset?

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jake thompson

Your Chief Encouragement Officer.

My name is Jake Thompson.

I'm passionate about sparking fires beneath people to compete every day in their life and career.

I create gear, content, and other resources to help Competitors grow their mindsetfocus, & life.

In 2011, I started Compete Every Day by selling motivational t-shirts from the trunk of my car.

But my gear wasn't just for anyone...

It was for those ambitious people driven to make a bigger impact in their professional + personal lives. The kind of people with the determination to win.

If that’s you, just know, you’re in the right place.

And if I can use my grit and hustle to create the life I’ve always wanted – you can too.

Jake Thompson, keynote speaker

Nowadays, I'm a...

  • Husband to my amazing wife, Elena.
  • Doggy Dad to my boxer Suga
  • Fierce Competitor in sports & life

I'm also a...

  • World-renowned motivational speaker
  • Founder (and Chief Encouragement Officer) of Compete Every Day
  • Proud author & podcast host