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Compete Every Day® creates resources & gear for people who want to be great so they can lead better & achieve more in their career, training, & life.

Who We Are:

We are a community of driven people, striving every day to carve out more for our career, health, family, and life by winning each day’s competition.
We come from different races, belief systems, political parties, workout styles, and career aspirations. We don’t act the same, look the same, believe the same, or train the same. But we are unified in sharing this:
We believe that life is worth competing for and commit to bettering each other while bettering ourselves every day.
We believe that we are not victims of circumstance but choose to use the power of our response to compete and make the most of any circumstance.
We compete together against our own previous best, so that one day we discover what our full potential is and when the time comes, leave our grave with nothing but dried up bones.
We are Competitors.

Compete Every Day® (CED) has grown from its humble beginnings as a small t-shirt brand sold from the back of my car behind a gym in 2011 into the lifestyle brand it is today. Seeing a need to help leaders make a bigger impact in their professional and personal lives, I began creating resources and content designed to help ambitious people grow their:

  • Mindset
  • Focus
  • Influence
Our team brings this vision to life by providing:
  • Educational content on leadership, grit, & mindset
  • Keynote speaking
  • Motivational apparel
  • Individualized Business Coaching
  • In-person events + workshops

We believe that every day is a competition - against your pride, comfort zone, fear, complacency, snooze alarms, bad habits, bad relationships, and more.

It's not about you versus them. It's about you versus you.

We are a brand for the ambitious, those people willing to compete every day to become the type of leader their work, family, and life needs. "Good enough," isn't, because a Competitor pursues greatness.

Your best life awaits. Compete for it.

Jake Thompson 

Jake Thompson

Founder + Chief Encouragement Officer

Compete Every Day


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Meet the Founder: Jake Thompson

From a passion project to a worldwide motivational brand, Jake started Compete Every Day to connect competitors, provide quality apparel, and motivate fans to live a powerful life.

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