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Discover how you can win your work, workouts, + life each week with Compete Every Day's Jake Thompson.

Learn what mental, habitual, & physical systems Championship performers use to succeed in their professional and personal lives.

Our episodes are motivating - but they go beyond providing a fire that fades by sharing actual steps listeners can implement to build their own winning mindset to succeed in their career, fitness, relationships, and life.

You'll understand what the successful do daily in order to win in their pursuits and how you can apply many of those same actions to your own life to be your best self.

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Raising Competitors™ equips parents with strategies for raising youth athletes with grit, gratitude, growth mindset, and leadership for success in school, sports, and life.

Learn ways to encourage youth athletes to compete every day against their own previous best and excel in life on and off the sports field.

Each episode, you'll sit in on Jake's conversations with experts, sports psychologists, parents and coaches on strategies and tactics he wants to instill in his future children.


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