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You’ll win some, and you’ll lose some. You’ll endure stretches wher...

You’ll win some, and you’ll lose some. You’ll endure stretches where it feels as if every time you take one step forward, you’re knocked back two or three. You continue to press forward, but are slowed to a walk, then a stagger, and then a crawl.

But still, you advance.

It hurts. It’s damn depressing and heartbreaking during stretches. Words of encouragement from others fall on deaf ears. Discouraged, and devastated, onward you must go. It’s not easy. No, it’s far from a simple thing. Your body is wanting to quit. Doubt whispers lies into your ears, allowing your thoughts to drift toward questioning if you truly have “what it takes.” Your heart wonders if it can continue to handle the small victories that seem overshadowed by larger disappointments.

And your soul? Your soul is the only part left that knows it’s fire cannot go out – that it won’t go out, no matter how much water is splashed ontop. Your soul is the piece that reminds you:

“I will overcome all.”

You clinch your fists and rise to your feet. Covered in mud, blood, and with tear-stained cheeks, you stand. Your soul’s fire will not be extinguished. It forces you to stand and start again.

This is what it means to compete every day. These are the moments when the message becomes more than a great shirt or “just another brand.” These are the moments when the message becomes the lifestyle you choose to live. It becomes a part of you. No, it becomes more than that.

The message is you. You are your own the daily reminder that surrender will never be an option. We will not quit. Today may knock me down, but tomorrow, I will rise again. Opponents may out number me one hundred million to one – but the words “I will overcome all” are carved into my soul for this lifetime. They are words that I cling to. They are words that I know speak truth. Nothing can shake my soul.

I will overcome all because I will compete every day. This statement will mark of my life. Plunge headfirst into the Compete Every Day life and you will never again be the same. Join us and compete.

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