by Jake Thompson

Stronger Than Excuses

Excuses are a powerful thing. Excuses can keep you comfortable &am...
Stronger Than Excuses

Excuses are a powerful thing.

Excuses can keep you comfortable & safe near your comfort zone. They can help you avoid risk. Excuses can help you avoid embarrassment & pain.

And excuses can allow you to avoid blame – at least, in your mind they do.

Do you know Kyle Maynard? Kyle was born with congenital amputation, a rare condition affecting where the child is born without a limb(s), and is a quadruple amputee. All four of his limbs end before the start of his elbow/knees.

Born like this, you can safely agree that Kyle has plenty of adversity he can call upon in order to not achieve certain goals. His physical limitations would be an excuse themselves for any big adventure Kyle might want to pursue. At least, that’s what others have told him.

But Kyle refuses to let his situation control his life. His excuses? He’s stronger than any of them. In fact, he’s done things most of us can only dream of:

  • Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • ESPN ESPY Award Winner
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Weightlifter
  • Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter
  • CrossFit Gym Owner (“No Excuses CrossFit”)

Kyle has accomplished all of these amazing things despite his birth condition or being a quadruple amputee. He chooses not to make excuses and instead focus his energy on making progress.

Excuses can do a lot of things for you – but do you know what excuses can’t do?

Excuses can’t reach your goals. Excuses cannot achieve anything of importance. They can’t PR that workout. They can’t make new friends. Excuses don’t take risks or seize opportunities. And excuses can’t positively change lives.

Excuses limit our potential and growth. Take for example the picture below by as a prime example. When we take responsibility for actions, we can grow to better results. Compare that to whenever we make excuses. The excuses create a spiral downwards.

Excuses tell you that they’ll keep you “safe” by keeping within your comfort zone & avoiding risk. They’ll give you an “out” every time opportunity shows up to help you. And they’ll lie & try to make you believe that the reason you haven’t reached your goals is because your goals will magically one day come to you.

It’s a good thing you are stronger than your excuses.

Each and every day you choose to make excuses or results – because you can’t have both. Know that you are stronger than every excuse that small voice in the back of your head tries to whisper. Believe that your ability outweighs that cheap “out” your excuse is trying to give you. And trust that what lies ahead of you is far better than anything that excuse is trying to “quick sell” you now.

You are stronger than your excuses.

We are proud to release our February shirt of the month, available for preorder today through January 17 & shipping February 3. Stronger Than reminds you that you ARE stronger than every fear, doubt, & excuse in your mind. Keep competing for your life.

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