by Jake Thompson

Reframing Your Situation for Success

A simple suggestion for how Winners choose to view their challenges.
Reframing Your Situation for Success

Why is this happening to me?

I would imagine that's your first thought - like it is mine - when something bad happens. It's almost instinctive for us when something negative happens outside of our control like...

  • Injury
  • Lost an opportunity through no fault of our own
  • Diagnosis start blaming the universe, God, or just our "destiny" as to why it's happening.

I get it. I've said those words before too.

But that's not how a Competitor talks.

What if we took the moments where our first instinct was "woah is me" and we wanted to whine, complain, cry, and instead...

...said "Ok. Try me."

What if we looked at the most difficult times we face as an opportunity to grow?

What if our attitude was less whiney and more confident that "I was made to show others how to do this."

That's right. What if your biggest challenge was put before you because you can conquer it and other people that you know need to see it conquered?

Changes our entire outlook on the situation doesn't it?

It starts with how we talk to ourselves.

  • Change your language - Stop the complaint before it leaves your lips and change your words to the opportunity-perspective.
  • Focus not on changing everything today - but something so that tomorrow you wake up in a better position.
  • Don't whine about life isn't far (it never is), but instead embrace your moment to lead others

Go from "woah is me" to "alright, just try me."

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