by Jake Thompson

Reframing Our Failures

It's your actions today that determine who you become tomorrow.
Reframing Our Failures

No one is batting 100%.⁣

Despite what social media may lead you to believe, we’re all just works in progress.⁣

Everyone is messing up, creating blooper reels, and falling short of perfection. The most successful are simply refusing to let the mess up mess them up permanently.⁣

They’re learning from it - how to improve, how to grow, and most importantly, how to get better - instead of letting this idea of “imperfection” keep them from progressing.⁣

You can care only about perfection or you can care about making progress, but you can’t invest in both.⁣

(Hint: Progress is the only one of the two that will actually help you get better, grow more, and succeed. Caring about perfection only keeps you……⁣



Waiting for a dream that will never come true.)⁣

Make sure you make forward progress - even one step - before your day is done.

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