by Jake Thompson

I Get High When I Wear Compete Every Day

Some words friends might use to describe me are laid-back, yogi, ea...

Some words friends might use to describe me are laid-back, yogi, easy-going, or chill. Words friends might not use to describe me are aggressive, competitive, or intense. So when I started working at Compete Every Day (CED) over a year ago, some of the messaging was a little too in-your-face for my taste. Despite a slight personal disconnect, I saw how passionately people connected with the commitment to compete for your life. Jake, CED’s founder, was undeniably driven to spread his message to the world.

There were sparks around CED. I didn’t quite understand it, but there was no denying their existence. And I wanted to be there when the sparks caught fire, so I eagerly joined the team.

It’s not that I didn’t believe in what Compete Every Day stood for. I just felt boastful or over-reaching when I wore a shirt with all-caps and bold lettering that said, “Pursue Greatness” or “Texas Strong.” I do pursue greatness, and I like to think I’m pretty strong, but… I got my first CED hoodie not long after I started working with the company. It was so soft. I wore it everywhere.

One winter day, I was crossing a street to get to my yoga studio wearing my favorite comfy hoodie with the hood up. Compete Every Day loudly placed on my back clear for the world to see. All of a sudden I became aware of the cars and people around me. What did they think of this girl proclaiming to Compete Every Day? “Maybe they think I’m some sort of athlete… a boxer perhaps,” I smiled to myself thinking how far from the truth that assumption would be.

As my collection of CED shirts grew over the year, I began wearing my motivational tees more and more often. When we produced “Find Your Limits” on a thin hoodie, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one. Something about this particular statement really spoke to me. On a rainy morning I threw on my new hoodie, thumbholes in place, and hit the pavement, running through neighborhood streets. Midway through my run I noticed that I was intensely focusing on the words written across my back. I was feeding off their motivation in real time. Endorphins kicked in and I was so high that I was mentally gliding skyscrapers above any limits I had previously placed on myself.

My shoulders drew back, my chest shifted upward, and my feet ran a little faster. Sparks flew. I’m happy to say that these experiences have become a typical occurrence in my daily life, be it workouts or other tasks.

When I commit to hustle, and then actually do it, I embody a sense of invincibility, like I’m flying through life, so high that nothing can bring me down. My personal connection with Compete Every Day has taken form with great conviction. There’s a reason so many people, myself included, believe deeply in the brand. It’s not just a shirt you wear, or a PR you hit, it’s a lifestyle you commit to. It’s a way of being. A sense of pride.

It’s knowing that the low days will pass. And during the high days, you will soar.

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