by Jake Thompson

How to Magically Accomplish Anything You’ve Ever Wanted

We are all built to protect ourselves. There’s no wrong in meeting ...

We are all built to protect ourselves. There’s no wrong in meeting your own needs. We need to take care of our own basic needs first to function. But past these basic needs, looking first to others is a wondrous way of improving yourself and the situations of those around you.

There are certain people in this world that I’ve had the good fortune to come across whom I find magical. They have an aura about them that is undeniable. When I interact with these people I can’t help but feel good and I have all the faith in the world that they are going places. They are going to catch the dreams they’re chasing and they’re going to keep running towards more.

Every single person who gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling has one thing in common: they make it a priority to support others.

There isn’t a blueprint for how to support others. It’s not necessarily a passing of wisdom or a monetary gift. Often support doesn’t involve items or even words. Sometimes supporting someone is nothing more than accepting them.

We make choices every day and each of those choices has a motive. These motives can be self-serving, they can be selfless, or (in all likelihood) they can be a combination of both. And that’s good news for all of us because it means that we don’t even have to sacrifice to lift others up.

Have you ever been challenged to think of a scenario where a person is acting in a completely selfless manner? Can you think of one now? -Spoiler Alert- It is impossible to find a completely selfless act. That’s because when you commit a good deed, you feel good about yourself. It’s a natural kickback of positive energy. Who wouldn’t want to feel good about themselves? And why on earth would anyone hold that against you? You feel good, someone else feels good – that’s called a win-win.

The more I experience in life, the more I realize what it means to be there for others. When I get too caught up in my own projects, I give myself a nudge to take a step back and appreciate all of those who are playing a part in my accomplishments. Silently in the background or loudly cheering me on, there are countless forms of support involved with everything I do.

We are social beings. We’re not meant to go at this life alone. We compete for our own goals, but when we learn to sync up our goals with others and to find ways to lean on each other and support one another, the journey gets a lot more exciting. We accomplish more and at a faster pace. Whole communities work together towards solutions to tribulations and likewise celebrate together on the triumphant days. The end result is suddenly bigger and more gratifying, and it touches the lives of all who are involved. It’s a connection that sparks new ideas and new goals. It’s contagious positivity.

When you lift another up, though it may feel light, it is an act of strength that effects you and your entire community. No form of support is ever too small to ignore. Embrace the fact that selfless acts are beneficial to everyone involved. And watch how things magically come together. You don’t have to be extraordinary to be magical. You just have to show some support.

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