by Jake Thompson

How to Build Resilience Now for What Comes Later

Tips for increasing your resilience before you need to mentally c...
How to Build Resilience Now for What Comes Later

Choosing to be resilient in one area of life tends to show up in others.

For example, I'm choosing NOT to be resilient if I....

...stop working toward my goal because it’s too “difficult.”

...let up during a workout because it’s outside of my comfort zone.

Those are choices that I might 100% make. When I choose to make them, it compromises my ability to be resilient in other areas of my life.

Being a Competitor requires resilience.

It takes resilience to grow outside of our comfort zones.

Here are 3 ways you can build resilience and learn to embrace the uncomfortable:

1. In your workout, choose to push yourself for 1 more rep when you want to stop

2. Challenge yourself to choose to jump into an ice cold shower at least once a week if not daily.

3. Choose to accept a compliment when given instead of brushing it aside or deflecting.

How we choose to do thing is how we choose do other things.

Choose to be more resilient today in your actions.

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