by Jake Thompson

GRIND Every Day

To reach your glory, be prepared to grind. Be encouraged today in ...
GRIND Every Day

I’m a very impatient person. It’s a bad trait that I’m slowly working on, but you know, sometimes, I just “don’t have the time for it.”

Like the person in the left lane driving 15 mph under the speed limit.

Or sitting through 15 movie trailers before the actual movie starts (30 minutes past it’s scheduled time).

Or in trying to hit a new PR in backsquat. I swear, I’ve been stuck on this number *forever*.

Can you relate? Does it feel sometimes as though we put in work every day, but man, we’ve put in *enough* work, why haven’t we reached our goal? We want our pizza delivered now, our Uber picking us up in less than 5 minutes, and our goals reached in less than 12 months.

No one *has* time to grind for them for months (or heaven forbid, years).

But that’s exactly what it takes. Grinding. Day after monotonous day. And many times month after month, year after year, until eventually, we arrive.

We tell others the things we *truly* want, but many times we don’t have the desire to chip away at the rock encasing what we desire. Competitors are different.

Competitors will grab their pickaxe and swing every single day until they chip away enough rock to reach inside.

Competitors will embrace the boring, the repetitive, the small things, every day, because they see it as a means to the end (goal).

And don’t forget, you are here and you are a Competitor.

According to Karen Schmidt, GRIND “is the ability to handle the boredom of training every day and doing the same lifts and drills over and over again that separates the professionals from the amateurs.

Truth bomb: Many times it’s not the most talented person who wins, but the one who is committed to the grind. Who feels the boredom, the lack of motivation in the every day monotony – but continues to put in the work in order to achieve greatness.

It’s the competitor who’s willing to compete – EVERY DAY – not just when they “feel” like it.

To reach your glory, be prepared to grind.

Be encouraged today in the long game. Your goal may still feel years away, but guess what? So does mine. We’re in this together. I’ll keep grinding and keep competing for mine if you will yours. Do we have a deal?

Take heart that all overnight success stories were years in the making. And you will be too. Keep grinding for your glory this week.

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