Learn the mental & leadership skills necessary to reach your professional & personal goals. Members of the Cohort will receive coaching & resources to help them grow key career skills, while simultaneously building a powerful network with other driven leaders around the world.

Membership benefits include:

Premium Text Club

Receive access to our daily Morning Motivation Texts Club.

Bi-Monthly Coaching Calls

30-minute live coaching calls twice a month where you'll learn skills to build better habits, improve your self talk, and be a more effective leader.

Monthly Action Plans

Members get worksheets & action plans to better attack each month.

Insider Access

Get special access at CompeteEveryDay.com including 24-hour early access to new releases, secret gear, and sales not available to the public.

Secret Podcast Episodes

Receive access to secret podcast episodes not available to the public.

Priority Customer Service

Members get priority access to customer service for all requests & issues.

Monthly Shirt Club

Ability to add our Monthly Shirt Club to your membership for just $20/month!

"The coaching calls are a non-negotiable event in my calendar. The perfect blend of encouragement, learning new skills and keeping me accountable!"

Ben Sorrell


Hey Competitor, I'm Jake ThompsonMy mission is to empower people to realize their gifts and strive for lasting greatness.

From pursuing a better-aligned career to losing those extra pounds, people have the chance to transform their lives every single day – and it all comes down to competition.

It’s no secret that competition drives results and success. It motivates you to jump out of bed in the morning and work toward your highest goals and ambitions. It’s the Competitor Mindset everyone dreams of having, but few actually go out and pursue it.

I launched the Cohort in 2021 for those ready to put the self-help books down, stop listening to podcasts without taking action, and start working toward the life they’ve envisioned all along.

While this life-changing shift is never easy, as your Performance Coach, I’m here to guide, & perhaps give you an extra push or two along the way.

Two Options to Get Started Today

Premium with Shirt Club

Join our premium Cohort Membership that includes access to our Shirt of the Month Club for just an additional $20/month. In addition to the monthly club delivery, you'll get access to:

*Morning Text Club Premium Membership

*Bi-Monthly Live Coaching Calls

*Monthly Action Plan Worksheets

*25% off discount for all orders at CompeteEveryDay.com

*24-Hour Access to All New Apparel Releases

*Secret sales & offers not available to the public

*Secret podcast episodes not available to the public

*Priority customer service

Standard Membership

Already have a closet full of Compete Every Day gear? Join the Cohort Membership sans the Shirt Club and get started today building the mental & leadership skills to take the next step in your career & life.

Standard Members receive the same benefits as Premium Members minus the Shirt of the Month Club. No commitments, cancel anytime.

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