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    Who is Jake Thompson?

    I teach people how to compete every day with themselves. By learning to win the day, we can excel in business and in life. 

    Through lived experiences as an athlete, entrepreneur and speaker, I’ve battle-tested and mastered skills to be successful. To achieving goals and making the impossible, possible. To being great, not just good enough

    The life we desire is closer than we think. It’s the small shifts in our daily focus, mentally and practically, that build a winning life. I've helped teams, CEOs, athletes and students develop mental toughness, master consistency, and improve day after day. And I'm excited to help you.

    We all have a gift inside of us, but it takes courage, systems, and a competitive mindset to access it. I’ll show you how, so you’re not sitting on the bench, waiting for life. Let's get to work.

    Jake Thompson / Chief Encouragement Officer + Performance Coach

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